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If you’ve ever walked down Queen St, you probably heard their laughter from miles away.  These two ladies do not let anyone define them. From trend setting styles to their endless positivity,  the ladies of TSOQ know a thing or two on confidence and self love.

I had the pleasure of working with Valentina (Wifee) and Angela (Hubby) from The Store on Queen; also known as TSOQ, a while back to create some beautiful imagery for their annual calendar; so it only made sense to reach out to them and have them share some quick advice for this week’s Desire More.

Between TSOQ and your personal daily live you  radiate confidence everywhere you go. Was there ever a time where you felt at your lowest either mentally or physically and how did you resolve this?

To be honest, I refuse to let anything tear me down and its always been a personal goal to prove people wrong.  I challenge everything.

I was never thin growing up and was nearly 180lbs at one point of my life.  My traditional Asian parents continuously reminded me how I needed to lose weight because I wasn’t beautiful unless I was thinner, that I wouldn’t be taken seriously in my professional life and that I never find a husband.  Their comments and attitude towards my weight made me love my body even more and the desire to prove that I can do anything regardless of the way I looked grew daily.  I made my own clothes because things wouldn’t fit when I shopped and I celebrated my curves.  I wore massive bandaids on my inner thighs just to wear mini skirts in the smouldering heat.  Today, my attitude stays the same even though I’ve lost the weight due to health reasons, it didn’t make me more confident or love myself more.

You are always in control of your happiness, your health, and your life.  Never let anything or anyone make you doubt yourself or your worth.

With your social media accounts accumulating more followers each day; do you ever feel like you have to maintain a certain image or keep up with other individuals?

Not at all. Our account was generated organically, so what’s posted is real and not an act; there’s no maintaining any image. It’s just us as we are.  In addition to the clothes that we celebrate at the shop, we talk about real things that take place in our personal lives; lessons we have learned along the way. There’s no keeping up with other individuals.  Social media is not a competition of who has the most followers.  We live in a world where everybody is somebody.  We don’t post to socially validate; we share because it’s a part of our TSOQ movement. Wifee and I celebrate fashion and living our lives unapologetically in hopes we to inspire even one person to be more brave then they were yesterday; to love themselves more; and to believe again if they’re in a moment of doubt.

What are 3 tips/advice that you would give to a women who may be facing self confidence issues or doesn’t like what they see in the mirror?

This is exactly what we do everyday in our fitting rooms.  We are our worst critics and if we focus on the things we hate, we will never see how beautiful we are.

1. Focus on the good.

 2. Never compare yourself to someone else.

3. Shop at TSOQ. Hahahahahaha! 

It sounds like a plug, but no joke, it’s a positive experience.  We personally train the girls to style you and to make you feel good in kick ass outfits. We don’t get mad at you if you don’t buy anything, we just want you to leave uplifted and feeling beautiful.

I always use the analogy of dating.  Your partner/your spouse (or the person you’re kind of talking to but nothing serious because you guys don’t want to get into a “relationship”, but you both can’t seem to call it quits because you both care, but your egos won’t let you admit you care, so when you’re together you guys are together, but when you guys are apart, you guys act like strangers but really you both secretly want more from each other…yeah that person) isn’t perfect.  They have their flaws, they do things that annoy the shit of of you, but you love them because you accept them as they are. You accept all that they are, and all that they are not.  If we do this with someone else, why are we not doing this internally?

If you can give one piece of advice to you 15 year old self on beauty/self love what would it be?

You don’t have to be the coolest chick in school to be the coolest chick in life (I was NOT the coolest chick in high school).

Where can people connect with you?

@thestoreonqueen @sumwear.bytsoq @akahubby @oneandonlyvava



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