“Don’t gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold…”

The Bob Marley Museum; home to the legend himself.

Visiting the museum was definitely on my bucket list so when I took a trip to Jamaica earlier this month I made sure it was something I checked off. After a two hour drive, a beef patty and a couple history lessons later (provided from our taxi driver), we pulled up to the gated property filled with art, love and stories. 

Unfortunately no cameras, cell phones, or any other type of recording devices were allowed inside the home. The museum promoted authenticity, an experience and feeling as though you were apart of his life for the day. 

The painting below is of Bob Marleys chef, George.

As I was photographing George’s home, I heard a noise behind me…

It was him riding by.

The stories of his life from being shot in his recording room, to smoking weed on his favourite rock influenced the music he made. It influenced his community, promoted positivity around the world and to this day inspires millions.


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