17 Things I learned in 2017 

  1. It's okay to be alone
  2. Everything Happens for a reason
  3. Stay Ready 
  4. Be Optomistic 
  5. Your energy is your magnet
  6. Communication is key 
  7. Traveling will enhance your senses
  8. You can ask for help
  9. Never stop learning
  10. Time is temporary, so is life and pain 
  11. You can take all the time you need to heal 
  12. Social media is a tool, it is not your entire life
  13. The toughest times will become your best lessons
  14. Judging others won't make you feel better; it's a waste of time
  15. Negativity is infectious, stay away from it
  16. Giving, loving and laughing are staples to happiness
  17. The journey isn't over.