"I only noticed the beauty of Morocco when looking back at my photo. Unfortunately when this was taken I was lost in my fears and looking for the next flight out."

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Last June my boyfriend and I decided to add Morocco as our final destination while backpacking through Europe. I was both excited and nervous as the plane landed in Marrakech but definitely not prepared for the amount of times I was going to be mistaken as Moroccan. Within the first 12 hours I was starred at, yelled at, and told that I was disrespecting their culture because my ankles were showing.  I immediately became uncomfortable and wanted nothing more than to stay in my hotel room. I remember calling my family almost in tears because I was unsure what to do next.

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Dreading the thought of 4 more days in Morocco, I immediately decided it was best we left. We ended up leaving the very next day on the first flight out.

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When I was sent the link to review our hotel experience, a Spanish family that also stayed in the hotel with us left a very frighting review. The four ladies were mugged on the streets while walking back to their hotel. They chased the guys for a while and was told in order to get their bags back they would need to pay 400 Euros. What happened from there?... I have no clue!

Looking back now I remember the feeling of discomfort and do not regret the decision one bit. I will probably give another part of Morocco a chance one day.. until then...24 hours in Marrakech, Morocco was more than enough for me!

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