Now Presents : #BumbleBizz Brunch

If you could have brunch with anyone in the world who would it be and why? 



This Sunday NOW Presents held its second event ( in less than 3 months ). After our first event "BEHIND THE IMAGE" back in June we knew something great had been birthed; we just didn't realize how quick it would grow up. Before Nicole and I could catch our breaths from the first event, we found ourself back at it again, this time partnered with BumbleBizz to host the ultimate brunch at The Thompson Hotel for 25 trailblazers in the industry!

Being surrounded by so many beautiful women who are dominating their fields; some I met for the first time, others I've watched grow and live out their dreams; inspired me even more to keep going. It's easy to lose focus, feel threatened or get overwhelmed with all the noise we face on a day to day basis. But it's important to step back every now and then, disconnect from social media; and really connect with those in your industries who may just help you get yourself back on track. 

So if I could have brunch with anyone in the world, other than Oprah and Beyonce, it would be with 25 amazing females (who are just a few of many women) making Toronto a better place. 

Ps. No this does not make me an event planner; I'm just an entrepreneur who want to connect + empower women anyway I can; think of me as someone who curates experiences. 

k bye xx 


Thank you to all our vendors and sponsors who helped make Sunday possible. Also thank you to our beautiful volunteer Jamilla, our photographer Shantelle and our amazing videographer Stephon @seewhaticy.