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It's finally here! After years of editing and retouching my own photos; teaching one on ones and photographing various clients around the world. I've decided it was time to share some of my secrets.

We currently live in a time where over 60 million photos are uploaded to Instagram daily and posting a personal photo suddenly means you are you're own brand; so how do you stand out from the crowd? Provide quality content. 

My style has always been a natural approach; bright, airy, yet a punch of colour to enhance the overall photo. Now you can purchase my presets collection and apply them to your everyday photos as well! 


Understanding Lightroom presets:

Lightroom presets are nothing but edits to enhance your pictures’ appearances. We use filters and various color edits on our images all the time. But for a bunch of pictures taken at the same location, it may get a little tedious to edit each one separately.

Using lightroom presets enables you to apply a certain adorable filter to all your selected photos at a go. it helps maintains certain consistency throughout which betters their overall look. You can then select the best of the lot for whichever purpose you intend to use it.