How To Slay The Minimalistic + Budget Friendly Way


I teamed up with @dixieoutletmall again to find some of the cutest pieces at inexpensive prices for this summer and of course all the items I found were a steal. Between my #lavieenrose lingerie  and this comfy two-piece set; I’ve saved over $150. 

Since I’ve been having so much luck the last couple months, I figured it would only be fair to share 4 tips I’ve learned when it comes to shopping that has not only helped me save but allowed me to purchase and have more for less! 


1.Shop at Dixie Outlet Mall. 

-Did you not see that coming? If it wasn’t already obvious than surprise! If you’ve been following my post and savings over the last three months you would have already seen how much I purchased at a fraction of the cost. Dixie has some of the greatest Deals and biggest steals. If you haven’t seen my posts, I’ve attached the two posts below;

Shopping with Dixie Outlet Mall 1

Shopping with Dixie Outlet Mall 2


2.Stay up to date with their friends & family discount days.

  • You will get some major wins and savings if you follow this rule, especially at the Nike Outlet; Dixie. Nike has discounts almost every other week and the staff are usually transparent about the dates. Ask them when they are hosting those days and go back then. Imagine purchasing a pair of Brand-New Kicks that are originally going for $250 online but selling at the Nike Outlet for $85 then you get an additional 20% off on it…. SAVINGGGGS$$$$


3.Be Strategic 

  • Don’t just purchase the first thing you see. Look around, shop the aisles and always ask about their back stock. Since it’s an outlet mall, they are constantly putting new items on the floor. If you don’t see something the first time, maybe it’s because it’s coming. Ask questions, Compare Prices and be very strategic. 


4.Minimalism is Everything

  • You can never go wrong with minimalistic items. This not only allows you to mix&match it more, you can wear it for longer periods rather than just during that trend. Shop minimal then layer. 


5.Needs v.s Wants

  • The question we all hate asking ourselves. How often do you purchase an item on a whim without really asking yourself If it’ll be beneficial? When shopping, spend time figuring out if the piece is really a need or just a want. Not only will this help you reduce your spending, you’ll value your pieces so so much more!