Reimagining Beauty with Shiseido Makeup

Shiseido Makeup - Desiree Thomas-1.jpg

As a beauty photographer, I love experimenting with different type of brands, looks and textures to get the most out of each product. When I heard about Shiseidos latest collection; and their intention to gift the world Japan by showcasing its rich heritage and groundbreaking technology via an all-encompassing collection that is modern, minimalistic, visionary, expressive, and creative; you know I had to give some of the products I try! This time however, I wanted to do things a little different. Instead of focusing on models and creating an editorial content, I wanted to see how their new products would work on everyday people, ranging in different ages. I decided to select two different women; of different ethnic; One of my subjects being 17 and the other being 62, to see if the project would work for any age. The results…..Well I’ll let you be the judge

Shiseido Makeup - Desiree Thomas.jpg

The SHISEIDO Makeup collection includes of 22 products and 135 shades that are classified into four reimagined textures—Dews, Gels, Powders, and Inks—that are weightless but lasting and make a statement with bold, impactful color.

I was only able to test a few of their products but so far I am in love and definitely intend on trying many others! How do you plan on reimagining beauty?