Workout Gear provided by  JOE FRESH

Workout Gear provided by JOE FRESH

Okay I’ve been dreading having to do this challenge. It’s been over 2 years since I’ve had a consistent workout routine. 2 years!!! I used to train every single day at Hourglass Workout and one small break lead to two years of no exercise, endless amounts of sugar, no water consumption and nightly fixes of wine + Cannoli. Shoutout to Jacobs Creek for getting me addicted to their White Moscato; I miss it already :(.

On a more positive note; it’s time to get fit! I have never gotten to the point of having abs. As soon as I seen them creeping in, I’d go celebrate with Mcdonalds french fries or a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich ( another horrible addiction). But all of that needs to come to a pause.

For the next 21 days I’ll be working on mastering me; both mentally and physically. I’ll be taking part in a fitness shred with the exception of 3 cheat days; I’m celebrating Thanksgiving in NYC, give me a break. The other 2 days …. I just need them LOL.

What the 21 days will look like:

  • Daily Meditation

  • 2-3L of water

  • Erika’s 6 week Shred Meal Plan

  • No sugar, bread, fast food, dairy

  • Daily exercise (Cardio/Weight Lifting)
    One weekly activity ( Spin Class, Pole Lesson, etc)


I’ve already taken my before photos and will be sharing them 21 days from now (with the hopes of seeing a difference haha)! Wish me luck! Or better yet; JOIN ME!

Download the chart below to keep up with the 21 days challenge!!

21 Day Challenge - A Desired Journey.jpg

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