Traveling Accessories; 3 Things I cannot Travel without. 

Everyone has those mandatory items that they can not travel without. For me, it used to be my cell phone; but overtime that mandatory requirement shifted a little. Now, stepping on a plane must include the 3 following items:

Dixie Outlet Mall.jpg

Apple Air pods: 

Have you ever taken a plane of been on an extremely long bus ride with no earphones? Have you struggled with the earphone wiring while trying to juggle your suitcase and holding your phone in the other hand? Well, that was my problem consistently! That was until I purchased the Apple Air pods from The Source at Dixie Outlet Mall. For a low price of $220, I no longer struggle with listening on the go. 

Converse Sneakers: 

Okay this one's a no brainer. I have over 10 pairs of classic white converse; It's a staple. Luckily for you, you can purchase a pair at Soft Moc, Dixie Outlet Mall, and if you go on a day they are having a special, you can grab a pair and save even more!


I'm a squinter. Being on digital devices for 80% of my day has really affected my eyes in the sun. That's why when I found the cutest, simple pair of black shades from Aldo Accessories and was able to grab 2 for the price of $25, I stocked up!