Experiencing Turbulence



Have you ever experienced turbulence so bad that you regretted even stepping on that plane?


Imagine being 29000 feet in the air and feeling as though you have absolutely no control of your life. If the plane happened to lose its path; there was nothing you could do.


That's exactly how I felt during my flight home from Washington back in March of 2016.


As we were flying home after an extremely long delay we got caught in Torontos weather warnings. The news had called for a major snow storm and here we were basically going head to head with the winds. Now I have experienced turbulence before but nothing like the one I felt that flight.


As the plane got tossed around by the power of the wind I felt myself growing more and more tense. I continued to grip at my armrests, my neighbour doing the same. Everything in that moment rushed through my head. Positive thoughts negative thoughts, thoughts of planes that have just went missing.... Yea my mind went wild but I guarantee yours would of too.


The fact that we were caught in a fog and could not see anything outside did not help the situation. What felt like forever although it was roughly 15 mins, the pilot finally came on to say he was going to be landing the plane within the next 5 mins.... In that moment I wish he'd told the truth. The plane continued to fight the weather for another 20 - 3o mins before the plane made a quick and very rocky landing. As the plane wheels hit the ground all I remember thinking was "thank godddd."


Landing was the best feeling I'd faced for a while. Myself along with a few other passengers didn't believe we'd be making it out of that plane safely but we did. And the best part of this entire, scary experience was that I had a flight booked for a week later!