Skincare miracles on the road

I'm obsessed with traveling. I try and leave the city at least three times a year, each time with a new destination in mind. Though it sounds like a dream, traveling can come with some downfalls; exhaustion, falling behind on work and in my case, dry skin.

There is something about a long flight, or the air in a new country that always has some kind of effect on my skin. It also doesn't help that with traveling comes laziness; at least for me. When I'm on the go morning skincare routines barely exist in my schedule, and that's if I even remember to pack my face products. I've definitely forgotten one or two main components, (or my entire face wash routine) at home in the past.

This time for my NYC getaway I was more than prepared thanks to Miracle 10. This 5 step travel kit worked so well on my skin and was the perfect size for my carry on luggage.

untitled (5 of 10).jpg
untitled (5 of 10).jpg


  • Cleanser II (Day and Night)
  • Solution I (Day and Night)
  • Light Serum (Day)
  • AHA Gel I (Night)
  • Night (Night)

After using the products for over a week, I can definitely say the Cleanser is one of my favourite products in compared to all over cleansers I've tried thus far. The gel-like substances provided so much for so little and I could feel my skin getting moisturized almost immediately. The routine came complete with a Cleanser, Solution, Light Serum, "AHA Gel I" and a Night face cream; all which were beautifully bottled and ended up being extremely light.

untitled (6 of 10).jpg

Overall thoughts:

I would definitely consider using them again. The products sell for about $135 (which may be a little pricey,) but for the quality I received it's definitely worth it!