The Truth about Traveling


Okay before you begin reading this I need to warn you, it's a bit of a rant. But truthfully, it's things that need to be said... 


Let's start by being real... Instagram is 9 squares of pure bliss. And although I live for the hours of wasted time, scrolling through other Instagram feeds wishing that my life was like theres... okay let's pause for a second...

How many of you have looked at my feed and thought, "Wow all she does is Travel!", "How does she have money to travel so often?", "Does she even work!" - Well let's clear the air with that one. I travel on a budget, I work from home, and no I am not always traveling, I curated my Instagram to look like it though. Ohhh the power of Instagram.  

Now lets resume where I left off about wanting to have other peoples life...

That is exactly it. Instagram is a show. It's a beautifully curated show and in my case, my travel photos have taken over my identity. I don't stop to see how lucky I have truly been because I'm always on the chase of what's next. Life tends to do that to you, and in my case traveling has done that to me. 

Traveling is fun. I love it, and I live for stepping outside your area code and learning all that life has to teach you. Every single trip I have went on has taught me something new. It allowed me to tap into experiences I could only of dreamt of growing up, and in some cases it made me extremely grateful for what I had back at home. Traveling creates a high. A rush of something new. A release from who you were. A break from stress and anxiety, or whatever problems you may have at home(if you have any). In my case, it made me free from myself. I am a huge over thinker, so when I travel, I use that time to observe, create real connections while disconnecting from social platforms. 

But what happens when you return home? When you return to your 9-5, or your struggles, or the reality behind the 9 curated squares. Well, I knew I wasn't the only one feeling withdrawals and anxiety every time I returned home so I decided to ask 3 different travel bloggers how they felt after travelling. 


When I return home from a trip, I usually feel out of place. I feel like the world kept moving around me, my friends moved on and I'm trying to find my place in the puzzle again. I go through a period where I am sad. When I don't know what's next, it scares me. After a next trip is planned, I am back to being happy...



After returning home I am "normally still filled with excitement, eager to share my experiences with friends. Then within a few days I start for feel the withdrawal..."



"After retuning home I "feel a bit out of place. Like I just discovered the matrix and I need to let everyone know. But they don't believe that there's another world out there."



"I always have mixed emotions when returning home from travel. On the one hand, I'm always glad and grateful to return to a familiar place, somewhere I can rest and recuperate from my long journey away. On the other hand, traveling always send me to unexpected, often magical places and I find myself longing for more time in an alternate reality.