This past week I got the amazing opportunity to experience a resort close to home...but before I continue to the "amazing" part I need to rewind a bit and tell you the story from the beginning.

When my girl Elisha contacted me and asked if I wanted to accompany her to a resort, I was ecstatic. My thoughts instantly went to the idea of a spa, a luxurious stay, a lot of guests giggling over wine and escargot... (okay my thoughts went a bit far)..

We pulled up to Viamede Resort, an escape just 2 hours and 10 minutes away from Toronto.  As we entered the doors of the main lobby, a cozy lodge-like area, we were greeted by two amazing workers. They quickly checked us in, gave us a run down of the property and informed us that we were currently the only guests staying at their resort! Yes I was a bit terrified but I was still very optimistic and knew this would make for an amazing Insta-story.

After quickly touring the building we headed to room 214 to drop off our luggage. The room was very spacious and had the worlds comfiest bed (other than mine). The balcony that had the most gorgeous view overlooking miles and miles of water. I have to admit, in that moment everything felt still, I enjoyed it.






Everyone knows that the best way to start a vacay is by taking a dip, so we threw on our bathing suit and ran down to the main floor to  the most beautiful pool. The room was heated with large glass windows to enjoy the scenery. There was also a sauna and a door leading outside to the hot tub.

viamede resort-

Breakfast and dinner were held in the main dining room. There was a huge variety to choose from including vanilla waffles and honey garlic chicken wings (which was probably one of the best wings I've ever had). The main dining room also included a bar, a fireplace and a ping pong table!

I've never been much of a "woodsy" type of person. When Elisha called me the morning of and told me to bring my hiking shoes, I knew I signed up for an adventure. I packed my black converse, the closest thing I had to hiking shoes and some extra socks. If you're unaware, converse are not waterproof.


For our last night we indulged in an amazing (private) 7 course meal provided by Chef Jay Nutt. With no menus involved, each course was crafted based off the chefs mood. The dinner took place in a rustic building where the atmosphere was set with vinyl records and candle lit tables. Wine bottles, vintage decor and fireplaces surrounded the room and of course we had the view overlooking the water. After seven courses with an accompanied wine, we can definitely say we were pampered like queens for the night. 

Here is what our menu entailed:


Starter: 595 Pork belly, whole hog mustard, pork fat crouton, tomato and watercress

1. Asparagus, wild rice salad, wild leek vinaigrette, Ontario bocconcini, honey balsamic
2. House smoked rainbow trout, candy cane beets, Blueberry gastrique
3. Golden beet soup with honey and cream, warm bread and duck fat butter, apple walnut chutney, pristine soy oil and blueberry gastrique
4. Pork tenderloin with butter poached blue potatoes and wild leek marmalade

5. Beef tenderloin with mushroom confit and red wine jus
6. Cheese board: Lindsay, Ontario ‘wrapped’ goat cheddar, rhubarb chutney
7. Chocolate walnut brownie with chocolate whisky and orange and soy iced cream



The best part of our dinner was the chef coming out to join our table. Elaisha, Chef Jay Nutt and myself spoke for another hour about travels and food before we called it a night.


Overall I had an amazing time at Viamede Resort; and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a quick escape. You never know what hidden gems you will find unless you try something new!